End test of a CLASS 960 TELESKOP after interconnection with basket.

In this video you see an end test of a CLAAS 960 Teleskop after interconnection with basket, where the functions are remote control from the basket with a Scanreco radio system, as well a test of the emergency driving with help from the person on the ground without the engine on, because of the security, if there should happen something with the person der stand in the basket or the basket have an error..

Wireless remote control of a backhoe NHLB115B.

A development cooperation between Lausø service and Scanreco has resulted in a wireless remote control of a NHLB115B where you can use all of the function in the machine, from the wireless remote control, and therefor there a no need for a driver in the machine, which can be very optimal if man need precise excavation, explosive areas or precise pipelaying, most where their safety is no to be in the machine..



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