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Lausø Service ApS is a -production, -development and service company with quality at the forefront.

Lausø Service ApS develops, produce, assembles and services controls and remote controls to heavy machine.

Besides that, Lausø Service ApS produces wirenet to trucks, windowrobots, bushwackers, loaders and so on.

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Lausø Service ApS started as a single person company in 1974. But at this moment we employ 7 peoples in the company.

Lausø Service ApS er en socialt ansvarlig virksomhed, som har flere medarbejder i fleks-job. Virksomheden er flere gange anerkendt som en virksomhed, der yder en ekstra indsats for medarbejdere fra socialt udsatte grupper. is a social responsible company, who has several employees in "fleks-job". The company has recieved praise several for a company that goes the extra mile for their employees.

Owner René Chrsitiansen has furthermore been nominated bu Haderslev kommnue as Mentor of the year (2012) - a title which is given to a mentor who goes the extra mile and does a special job for creating trust and respect for the unemployed outside of the workforce.

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Phone support: +45 23 39 11 14

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